Monday, June 12, 2017

Life happens

The top picture is of Bobby, happy as a clam, waiting outside his sister's basketball practice.  Usually I take them and Brian picks them up, but if Brian can't or is out of town, we just stay because it's a 20 minute drive there.  I have to pack a dinner to go, sometimes I wrap up hot dogs all ready to go in foil or something like pulled pork sandwiches.  I usually put raw veggies and hummus and some fruit in our picnic basket.  The boys think it is fun to eat a picnic dinner.

Bob's learning silly faces.  He'll say, "Mom, Mom, Mom, watch this," and then stick his fingers in the sides of his mouth and pull down for his award winning silly face.

On a few of the hotter days we had pop-cycles on the patio after dinner.  One evening, the big kids were all jumping on the trampoline still and this guy came to get his pop-cycle early and took it out on the patio.  I thought this was just a sweet, peaceful moment to catch with a camera.

We had an incident at the grocery store the other day.  I have been in the habit of taking only Drew and Judah after I pick them up from German school, but this particular time I had Isaac and Drew instead.  Judah usually sits in the child seat and Drew hops on and off the back of the cart for rides.  He started to do that and the cart almost flipped because Judah's weight wasn't there to balance it out.  Luckily, I caught it and warned him not to do it again.  He kept "forgetting" and doing it anyways.  I kept balancing the cart.  And then it happened that I had just let go of the cart to turn and get some produce when he jumped onto the side of the cart.  It flipped over on top of him.  It landed on his leg and pinned him to the ground.  I dropped my list and vegetables and tried to get the cart off of him and upright again.  He was screaming.  As I am struggling to upright the cart, I glance up and see several people standing around watching me.  I was completely embarrassed at the scene we just made and tried to comfort Drew, making sure he was okay after I got the cart up.  Isaac started picking up all our groceries that had spewed out all over the floor, including strawberries that had busted out of their carton and rolled in all directions.  As we shopped, I kept replaying it in my head and what started to bother me more and more was the fact that grown men were not helping me get the cart off of my son.  He was screaming and yet everyone just stood there watching.  When we got in the van, I turned to the boys and said, "Drew, I hope you learned your lesson and will never jump on the cart again.  But more importantly, I hope that when you grow up you won't ever just watch someone in need of help and just stand there staring."  What is this world coming to?  Drew has quite the lumpy bruise on his leg to remind him for a while not to jump on the cart.

Bobby is speaking in such adorable sentences now.  I want grapes, Mom.  Let me see.  I come too.  I do it.  It's hard to resist this precious boy.  He got his second skinned knee the other day after Mass when chasing the big kids.  He was crying, but when he saw the blood he totally kicked it up a notch.  He was difficult to console.  He stopped after a few minutes and wanted back down.  He immediately bent down to look at his boo boo again.  This started the crying all over again.  This kept happening over and over.  Eventually someone brought him a Band-Aid because they felt sorry for him.  This did not help, and he struggled to keep me from getting it on his knee.  I got it on and then he was just crying about the Band-Aid.  Poor guy was exhausted and ready for his nap soon after from all that crying.  What a wimp!  One mom said he is a sensitive soul.  That's the nice way of putting it, I guess.

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