Saturday, June 17, 2017

Spring Parade (Even though I just said summer has begun)

This is not even an out of order post, like some of mine have admittedly been lately.  I guess this is still spring for Germans.  The temperature lately varies greatly.  It will be 50s in the morning and low 70s in the afternoon, but then it jumps up to 80s for a few days before the rain cools it off again, and it truly feels like summer.  This particular day was once again back in the mid 80's.

Before the parade began, the kids were cooling off in this fountain in Otterberg.

The parade was an odd assortment, especially at the beginning.  First came the monks from the local monastery.

Then immediately following the monks was the float celebrating the 500 anniversary of the Reformation.  It was complete with a guy dressed like Martin Luther nailing his thesis to the door.

See the sign with the 500 on it?

See the guy nailing the papers to the door in the black robe with the monk hair cut?

Hannah really didn't want to come this time, but Brian wanted this to be a family thing so we made her come.  She was all pouts and grumbles until they started throwing candy at her.  That's all it took to get smiles for the rest of the day.

Then, so as not to leave any religions out I guess, they had a local group of witches after the Martin Luther float.  Don't judge me, but I threw that candy away.  Let's just leave it at that.

After the religious groups, they had other local groups and kindergartens which celebrated different countries in their costumes and floats.
The drums and the heat put this guy to sleep in a hurry.  He missed the whole parade, pretty much.

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