Friday, June 9, 2017

Volksmarch and Cistercian Monastery (with a brewery, of course!)

We drove 2.5 hours to this volksmarch and walked 5 kilometers.  It had some steep places, but it was primarily in the shade and was so nice.  The views were stunning, and the children did very well.  No complaining from anyone.  The kids were actually running way ahead of us.  Bobby was in the Ergo on me.  I switched him to my back because he was discontent on my front.  It was actually easier on me that way.  Brian pushed Judah most of the time except for a short time when we put Bob in the stroller because he was asking to go in it instead of riding with me.  Judah doesn't last long though on the steep parts.  A friend of ours walked with us so we were in good company and had lots to talk about.

The whole crew, but I guess Bob is mostly hidden.

Drew with his walking stick he found.

After the walk we went with our walking group over to have lunch and a tour of the brewery at a Cistercian monastery.  Then we went to the church where we caught the end of a wedding ceremony.

After the wedding party cleared out, it was almost time for vespers (evening prayer) so we stayed for that.  It was so beautiful.  The monks sung their prayers and it echoed throughout the church.  I took a couple small videos towards the end.

Bobby was a trooper even with a very tiny nap in the van in between the walk and lunch.

That is where the monks stood for vespers until the end when they walked over to a small altar next to us.
This video is when the monks were standing in front of the altar next to us.  Bobby could have reached right out and touched their vestments.

It was a very long day, leaving at 7am and returning at 8pm, but it felt good.  I'm so glad the summer is here.  Nevermind that our a/c was out in the van or that it was 90F.  At least I wasn't cold!

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