Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Toddlers are Too Cute not to Interview

I was brushing the boys' teeth and Bobby was "brushing" his own teeth.  He said, "Mom, watch this." and brushed and then spit in the bidet.  He kept doing it over and over because we all laughed.  So I got my phone and video taped it.  We were trying to get him to do the whole thing, starting with the, "Watch this," but he wouldn't do that part perhaps since he had our undivided attention already.

Bobby was doing a cute little dance right before bedtime.  He had already picked out his book and was waiting on me.  I did a little interview because the language at this age is just so precious.

This guys is working on his colors.  He mostly gets white and yellow correct, and occasionally red or green too.  When we were all asking him colors after lunch, he got one right that we didn't suspect and the whole table broke out in sudden and boisterous applause and cheers for Bob.  His face at that moment was priceless.  We did a do over and got a toned down proud face, but it is still very worth the video.

Here's a collection of me trying to catch that expression of pure happiness and surprise.

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