Friday, June 9, 2017

The Bidet

And yet another out of order post!

One particularly chaotic evening while Brian was gone the week following Mother's Day, we were in the bathroom (most of us anyway) brushing teeth before bed.  I was helping Drew with his teeth brushing and he was standing on the bidet.  Normally, we have a stool in there, but someone had borrowed it for the Foosball table upstairs.  So he's standing on the bidet.  He finishes up and turns to hop down, but he looses his balance and falls flat across the bidet and the toilet.  The bidet gets turned on full force and is shooting buckets of water all over the bathroom floor while Drew screams in agony.  I thought he'd hit his head on the toilet and his shins on the bidet, but he caught himself enough to not hit his head.  I am frantically trying to turn off the bidet so the floods will stop, but it took me a second because I don't actually use that thing and wasn't sure how to turn it off.  Once I got it off, I threw towels down on the floor so no one else slipped and got hurt.  And finally I was able to attend to the screaming child.  He had quite the bruises from this and a giant bump on one shin.

Notice the stool is back!

I felt like it was a scene from Cheaper by the Dozen, only our movie would be called Cheaper by the Half-Dozen, I guess.

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