Friday, June 2, 2017

Mother's Day

The Friday before Mother's Day after kindergarten, they had a performance for the moms in the firehouse next door.  The boys made me these precious hearts that are still proudly on display in my kitchen.  After the performance, the teachers provided orange juice for the kids and Prosecco for the moms.  You know, just another afternoon of sipping on wine with some moms instead of working.  Just kidding!  The culture here is very different, but this is totally normal.  Es ist ordnung.

Unfortunately, the video of the dance was too big to put on here.  It was a dance about ladybugs in the rain.  Drew surprised me by doing such a good job of participating.  He's not a follower, so I wouldn't have been shocked if he had refused to dance, but he always participates as best he can in his class productions.  The only thing I know that both the boys refuse to do is wear the butterfly wings during Musikschule.  That is just fine with me. 

 The children made some fun Mother's Day cards from some cute ideas I found on Pinterest.  They were easy and mostly done on their own.  I did draw a few things for the boys, like this jar, for example.

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