Sunday, June 18, 2017

Brian's Rumtopf, Promotion, and Our 16th Anniversary

Brian is hard at work making a Rumtopf which is layers of seasonal fruit soaked in rum.  You let it sit at room temp for a long time.  He's very excited about it.  He has four layers of fruit already soaking.

The brown bottle in the middle is the container for the Rumtopf.

He also made his own strawberry-rhubarb-cello, like lemon-cello, only not.
Speaking of hard work, Brian just found out he was selected for promotion.  Not many vets were promoted last year so he was nervous and thought he wouldn't get it.  That's how he always is, so humble.   We are all so very grateful that he got this promotion.  Thanks be to God!

And to continue with the theme of this post, hard work, our 16th anniversary was this week on the 16th.  Marriage is hard work, but it really doesn't seem like it's been that long.  We are well suited for each other.  We've changed a lot since we first got married, but we are still both devoted to our faith, our God,  and to each other.  Happy anniversary, Brian!

To celebrate, we went out to dinner the night before due to some plans to entertain some friends that are moving soon.  We went to a new restaurant that the locals rave about.  There was a limited menu since it was the day in between a weekend and a German holiday (Corpus Christi).  He has been making his own sausages since Brian and I were two years old and they are amazing!  Just wow.  I've tasted a lot of bratwurst, but wow.

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