Sunday, June 11, 2017

Watering the Flowers and the Children

On the actual Memorial Day, Brian and I had a date at the flower store to buy flowers for the pots and balcony boxes.  Drew and Judah still had German school so we took them for a shortened day so we could get the flowers.  In the afternoon, we planted them.  Isaac had won this set of pots at the Christmas market in the neighboring village.  He was very excited to help plant flowers in them.  

Although these plants are still doing okay, the lavender is water logged and going to need to be planted in the ground instead.  

Last year, our geraniums did not do well.  Every other box of flowers in the whole country was overflowing and ours never grew at all.  We are hoping for better results this year since we waited a safe time after the last frost date in mid May.  The hanging geraniums in the boxes are not blooming (two weeks later) much anymore.  I'm not sure if they got too much rain or what.  They have drainage holes and yet they still seem to be over-watered.    
It was definitely hot enough to bust out Judah's water table, at a high of 92F on this day.  It doesn't usually get this warm this early in the summer.  I'm afraid it's going to be a hot one, however, it is back down below 70F now as I write this.  He and Bobby have had a blast with the water table.  When it's warm enough in the house, we open the big sliding door to the porch and just leave it open so the boys can go back and forth.  So far the water has only made it inside one time and they stay mostly dry too.  I'm impressed.

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