Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Because I broke rule #2."

I have followed the lead of the Super Nanny, and we have 4 main house rules that we posted on the fridge last week. (These will be amended when Dad comes home to include him as well.)

#1 Obey mom.
#2 Be respectful to mom.
#3 Be kind and loving to everyone, especially brother and sister.
#4 Use words, not tears or hands.

The girls have already memorized the rules and their corresponding number. When I ask why they were put in time out, they will say,"Because I broke rule #2. Then they can tell me what rule #2 is. It is very handy because it takes out a lot of the emotion out of the discipline and it removes a lot of misunderstanding as well. Everyone knows what is expected of them from the get go.

After Mass we were in the car, and I was having a talk with Genna about something she did during Mass that was disrespectful to me (i.e. breaking rule #2). Hannah interrupts, "Mom, I didn't even see her do that because I was so busy praying to God!" I smile and think, "If only that were really true!"

Later on today, the girls were having an interesting conversation in the backseat of the car and I was listening in.

Hannah: Genna, you see those red berries on that bush we cannot eat them. Some berries we can eat, but we have to ask mom or dad first. Some berries will make us DIE even!

Genna: Yeah, they'll make us DIE, but not on the cross like Jesus.

Hannah: No, but they'll still make us DIE!

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Anonymous said...

those are my grandkids all right!
so funny