Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Embroider Your Heart Out!

Okay, so I do have something to show for my free evenings (after the kids are all in bed from 8 to 10pm) at least!
This is for a lady who works with my husband. She just had a baby girl, and her name starts with an "M!" I made the "M" out of ribbon, used an iron on adhesive, and then stitched it on to secure it. I made a matching flower for the hat with the same ribbon and a button. I ironed on the "Little Princess" and the heart on the bottom too. It was all super easy to do!

I did this for Genna. This shirt had a rhinestone butterfly at some point, but it had long fallen off in the wash. So I embroidered another one. Hannah has the same shirt with the same problem, so I will be doing her a complimentary butterfly as well. I also did some iron on's for Genna's undershirts just for fun.

Here is another shirt for Isaac. This is reverse applique. I think it would look good on a bib too, so I may try that next. It didn't take long to do, but I have a stack of things waiting to be embroidered by my bed right now. So we'll see! I also have three quilts waiting for me to be in the mood to mess with my stinker of a sewing machine. (For some reason, I spend more time fixing the machine than I do sewing during any given project.) Plus, of course, I have to find time for this blog too, right?

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Leah said...

I love all your projects!!! :)