Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Lady Day

We made lilies out of paper and pipe cleaners to decorate our kitchen table today as a craft for the feast of the Annunciation! Over dinner, I quizzed the girls over the Annunciation and they both did very well. We do that during dinner a lot, play trivia, I mean. Sometimes it is Catholic stuff or sometimes it is just things we've been talking about lately or new vocabulary words. The other day during dinner, Genna said, "Mom, let's talk about saints!" I asked which saint she wanted to discuss and she said Mary. Hannah says in reply, "Genna Sweetie, Mary isn't a saint. That's Jesus' mother." She said it very sweet of which I was proud, but I still had to explain that Mary is actually the queen of all the saints. :)

Bust out the glue and scissors and my kids are so there! Genna had already lost interest though by the time I made it to my camera. I was busy helping her and making sure she came away with all her fingers prior to this photo!

We had a good day today! I got to sleep all the way until 6am and the kids were exceptional most of the day too! Isaac seemed back to his normal happy go lucky self (he was in a funk yesterday.) Thank God for good days!

Here's a funny picture of Isaac. What color are his eyes anyway? They are not the same as the girls who's blue eyes would match this shirt. They seem to have a streak of brown in them too. I guess it is hard to tell in a picture. His smile just kills me!

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