Monday, March 9, 2009

My Angels...

Here are the girls before Mass on Sunday. God bless them! They were so good during Mass for me!

Here's my Hannie! I am really enjoy our conversations these days! She just seems so grown up!

And here's my Vivi! She is still cracking me up everyday! I am a little worried about how spaced out she can be. I mean it takes a good three or more whole seconds for what I say to register. She knows about half of her alphabet recognition, but the rest seems to escape her interest completely. We worked on "M" today and oh my! She couldn't remember this letter to save her life. We drew it, colored it, talked about it all morning and at the end of the day it's just not in there! :)

She has the biggest heart! That's for sure! Hannah and her were playing Go Fish while I cleaned the kitchen. Genna would give Hannah even her pairs if she asked for it. Hannah ended up with every single pair and Genna was happy as a clam because her sister was happy! We had played Hi Ho Cherry-O right before and when picking colors for the baskets, Genna started to pick blue. However, Hannah quickly grabbed it and said she wanted it and Genna just said she would have green instead. May God bless her natural giving heart! God knows Hannah and I don't have it. She got it from her Daddy!

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