Sunday, March 15, 2009

Express Yourself!

Well, Hannah sure is today! I laid out a dress with tights for church this morning and she came down like this instead. She picked out these lovely green pants and belt (that she insisted all matched) to go with the dress I chose. So I decided to go with it today! It's an interesting creation to say the least, but I suppose Her Royal Cuteness can pull it off!

Here is Genna ready for church. Fortunately, she is so easy going that I can still choose her clothes without a battle!

She has a cute profile!

Here's the group pic. Isaac wouldn't smile in the group pictures. Maybe he was feeling smothered!

I think all he needs is a fishing rod and he is good to go, right? He got lots of compliments at Mass today on his cute outfit, although so did Hannah with her retro ensemble...

His eyes look almost green with this on. They seem to change color depending on his clothes color.


Leah said...

Kent's eyes change depending on what clothes he is wearing too. I love all the pictures!!
Love, Aunt Leah

SimmonsFamily said...

I'm having flashbacks to Debbie Gibson days. What a sense of style!

Anonymous said...

He is growing up so fast.

Anonymous said...

Hannah is a regular Punky Brewster!!! she can pull off anything. And Genna is the most agreeable girl. So easy!