Monday, March 2, 2009

We all went swimming and... one drowned! Not that I really thought there was a chance of that or I would not have done it, obviously. I am just proud of myself for taking all three to the pool! I was always nervous to take the two girls swimming by myself. I would have crazy dreams that one would be drowning and I would have to let go of the other to save the drowning child. Anyway, it's not nearly as difficult as I thought. I even watched another 3 year old at one point for a mom who forgot her suit. There wasn't even an area shallow enough for them to walk (except Hannah could touch in one small area). Genna had wings (or floaties) and Isaac was in a blow up turtle. I have no pictures of us in the water for obvious reasons (I didn't say it was a walk in the park!), but I got before and afters. This was Isaac's first time in the water. He's always slept in the stroller until now!

Here is his adorable suit! (By the way, we were in a hotel here. We went on a weekend trip with a bunch of people, and it was way more difficult than I thought it would be! I've decided having my husband's two hands to help makes a tremendous difference. So, any of you ladies out there not appreciating your husbands, try doing it all without them for a while!)


He's starting to enjoy sitting a bit more these days.


Isn't this cover up adorable? Not to mention the rolls!

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Leah said...

I guess his swimsuit fit him! I forgot what size you got him.. Did he like the water?
Love, Aunt Leah :)