Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bee Hives...

No, skin hives! Hannah had them last Friday for the first time ever as I mentioned on a previous post, but now Isaac has them too! How crazy is that since they are not contagious! My best guess is that the hives came with this cold we all have, and somehow Genna and I were spared the hives even though we have the cold! I had to take him in to the doctor because they had to prescribe me Benadryl and get the correct dosage for an infant. What a pain! So instead of going to library story time like we planned, we headed on over to the ER because they couldn't squeeze him in at the pediatrician's office. (Luckily I have "free" health care so I can afford to do this!) All in all it was a shorter visit than his last well baby appointment!

I am just so very ready for this three week string of ilnesses to be over! I see no end in sight, since the girls are still coughing pretty badly and they started up at least a week before Isaac and I started coughing.

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