Thursday, March 19, 2009

A gift for Daddy on St. Joseph's Day!

Well, I to confess the title of this post had somewhat of a sarcastic undertone to it! I'll show you the gift and then try to explain myself...

"I do not like wearing sweatshirts or sweaters if you are going to make me wear my puffy coat! It doesn't feel good"

"I also do NOT like to wear socks! They don't feel good!"

So, although many of you are thinking, "How are pictures of really mad Hannah a gift for Brian?" I think it will at the least bring a smile to his much deserving face, and possibly make him content to miss out on Hannah's cranky mornings for a while. So, Daddy count your blessings from afar today on this day that celebrates dads through one of the best dads, St. Joseph! Happy St. Joseph's Day! Now for my sweet daughter after she has come home from Kindergarten and stripped herself of all puffiness! What a transformation!

And here's Genevieve, the late sleeper in the morning, and therefore typically the happiest one in the mornings! She's eating her breakfast which is the favorite meal of the day in this house!

I sadly did not plan well for this feast day. I didn't have any yeast with which to make St. Joseph's bread! I going to Mass this evening with a meal to follow for all the spouses whose better halves are away right now. They even have chilcare so I can have a peaceful Reconcilliation and Mass.

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Rich said...

Very cute. The before and after photos of Hannah are like me before and after coffee. Grump-----> SMILES!!

Also, gotta love the curls on #2!!!