Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Backyard Fun

Hannah is my responsible rule follower and enforcer, super helpful, smart as a whip, social butterfly girl. Sweet when she's sweet, but watch out when she's not! :) I love the little girl she is growing into! She is an excellent big sister! Definitely not camera shy!

Vieve is my tenderhearted, sensitive, abstract but very bright, friendly, comic relief girl who frequently visits another planet. :) She definitely has the middle child syndrome and works so hard to get noticed! She's not camera shy either, but she is often too busy in her own world to bother with pictures. And keeping eye contact with this girl is near impossible for some reason, so I have to be fast to get her looking at the camera.

Isaac is my eater of all things inedible, game playing, rough and tumble, cuddle bunny of a boy who is completely smothered with love and direction between myself and the girls. He is hard to get to smile when I pull out the camera, but today I managed quite well! He gets more pictures because we have to catch up with his sisters and their thousands of pics.

I love this smile!!!!

Isaac in action! Hannah always knows what motivates this guy.

Here he is answering my question..."Isaac, how old are you?" Really, I am not lying! I taught Hannah this when she turned one too while we were at Walmart just by asking her over and over and showing her the answer. She learned it in one hour, but Isaac and I have been practicing for a few weeks and he just now got it. I don't remember Genna ever learning this, but she kind of learns what she wants when she wants. I call it accidental learning. She is most likely to learn something if I am teaching it to Hannah, specifically. I can think of a million things off the top of my head that she learned because I was teaching it to Hannah, like buckling her own car seat, our address, a couple different jokes, how to put on a coat, how to sit on the big potty alone, drinking from a regular cup, pouring a cup, washing her hands alone. All of these things, she learned about the same time as or faster than Hannah. Must be that whole middle child trying to get noticed thing. I digress, here's the picture of Isaac answering me.

A funny thing happened while we were outside playing. I was practicing throwing the football into the baby swing and the girls were cheering me on. Then I told Genna to put some pressure on me and run at me like she's going to tackle me. So she runs up to me and starts tickling me. I guess she's like my mom and thinks if the word sounds like another word then it must mean the same thing! LOL She cracks me up!


Jennifer said...


I love reading about the kids' personalities, but the story at the end is classic. I love that girl!

Kristen said...

So cute! Our girls could be identical twins, at least in personality if not looks! Hannah sounds just like Allia and Genna sounds just like Mariana! Must be something to that birth order thing. Keep up the good work!

Becca said...

Great pictures!
I first noticed his height in the video you put walking video. It just looks like he has such long legs. Your pics in this post show his long arms which make me think tall too.
I'll have to look up Caleb's size at a year. Unfortunately I didn't keep up with posting that stuff.

Kelle said...

Yes Becca, I looked back at the girls' baby books and he is taller and heavier than they both were at 18 months even! Wow! I guess I should have expected that, but it still surprised me.