Sunday, August 9, 2009

A sheep adventure and the Kelso Abbey

We had an interesting sheep experience on our way down south of Edinburgh. There were sheep everywhere just free for the most part. We were way out in the middle of nowhere and there were not many cars at all. I only remember seeing one or two. Anyway, as we drove by them we would slow down and Brian even stopped the first few time to take pictures of them. Then Brian came up to a fenced area with a bunch of sheep near the fence. We thought they were inside the fence and so we did not slow down quite as much. Well, there was one sheep on the outside of the fence for some reason. The sheep got spooked and panicked. He was trying to force his way through the fence and got stuck half way for a while there. It was so very sad! At first I thought it was barbed wire, but, thankfully, it was not. I thought Brian was going to have to pull over and sew up the sheep for a second there. Just kidding!

Forgive me! I just couldn't narrow down these pictures of the kids at the Kelso Abbey. It was a small abbey, but so serene and peaceful. The kids enjoyed getting down and running around too. This was a big fishing town and Brian explored a few of the fishing bate shops.

I love these group ones! They show their personalities a bit.

Here's my big boy giving my back a break. (I still have the sling on in the picture that he rode in so much of the time since his sisters hogged the strollers.)

Here I posed the kids for a couple of cute pictures.

I like the ordering of them here from big to little with the perspective.

Daddy and Isaac

My big boy showing off his standing skills in the midst of the abbey.

The girls posing for me as it started to sprinkle a bit.

Kelso was in the south and so was Duns. Neither of them were exceptionally interesting except for the fishing (which Brian did not get to do since we were very limited on the luggage we could bring, and this was a trip meant to spend together as a family.)

One more post of Scotland pictures to follow. We were there for 8 days, you know!

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