Wednesday, August 12, 2009

“Saying ‘Good bye’ is hard”

That’s what Genna told us when we were preparing for this day, the day we would take Daddy back to the airport. However, we did pretty well, I think. It was a lot better than the first time he had to go.

After he walked away, Hannah burst into tears (and Genna followed). I leaned back and gave Hannah a pep talk (Genna was not listening and wasn't crying as hard.) I told her again that it was okay to be sad, but that to remember that he won’t be gone as long this time and then he’ll be working from home again for a long time. I reminded her that I am staying with her and we made it before and we can do it again. She started nodding her head by the end of my speech like she was gearing up for it. I turned on a Veggie Tale movie for the trip home to get their poor minds off of it. The rest of the day went smoothly! Praise God!

Now for the countdown, not till his return yet because that is still too many days, but until the next big fun event…going back to the states for the feast of family weddings. Here is our chain, 37 days left after today!

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