Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Embarrass Mommy Day

We are at the library for story time, and the librarian begins to read the last book of the day called Words are Not or Hurting. I think to myself, "Oh, Genna needs to hear this book today" recalling the episode earlier in the day when she called her sister a very mean word that we do not use in this house. You're wondering what the word is. Hold your horses, I'm getting to it.
When the book is finished, Genna says, "Sometimes I say stupid and hate, and I get in trouble." My head drops into my hands. Thank you, Genevieve! She is so nonchalant about telling people about her wrongdoings or her punishments. Very embarrassing! I guess the silver lining is honesty, what do you think?

Then we are at daily Mass, and they were all being excellent (silent prayer of thanks). Then Isaac lets out some seriously loud gas. Always embarrassing! Hannah and I exchange one of our looks. It's kind of a smile with a slight eye roll thing we have going here. She is my clone, after all.

So did anyone else celebrate National Embarrass Mommy Day?

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