Monday, August 10, 2009

No day at the beach!

Isaac got 5 immunization shots today PLUS had blood drawn! Bless his heart, he was a mess! He screamed for the ten minutes in the waiting room after the shots. I told him we were “All done” and then he grabbed on to my shirt and was whimpering “All done” over and over as we left the office. Poor baby!

He is not off the charts anymore, about the 80th percentile in both height and weight. He is thinning out a lot. His stats are: 30 ¾ inches, 25 lbs, and 47 1/5 cm for his head circumference.

His vocabulary includes 22 words. This is about the same number as the girls at a year, but as I recall they were clearer and talked a lot more. Here is the list of his words:




All Done

Uh Oh


Mur (for Murray)



Thank You


Bye bye


Night Night

Around and Around

Tickle Tickle


No No, Uh Uh


Ow (usually says this as, not after, he hurts someone)



Peas (for Please)

He is quite the signer. He signs 9 words, which is more than the girls at this age. Here is the list of his signs:

All Done








Thank You

Physically he seems to be capable of walking, but he’s just not ready to try. I can get only one step out of him if I really try. His balance is excellent and he can literally run with a push toy, but his head isn’t ready. He is climbing a lot, on furniture, up our little slide, on small chairs, and on the couch. We thank his Guardian Angel everyday for saving him again!

If climbing is his most dangerous past time, then his most disgusting interest is eating everything including bugs, sand, mulch; anything he discovers will fit in his mouth. We have had two close calls with poop! I barely reached him before his hand made it to his mouth! Once was dog poop that I had missed, and the other was straight from the toilet. Oh, I am a bad mother! He’s really fast! I do watch him closely, I promise!

He is drinking much better from a sippy cup and can even tilt it up on his own. He is down to only one nursing a day now when he wakes up in the morning. He is definitely active and curious! He is a joy! He is very expressive with his face. He makes sure you know how he's feeling. He is super cuddly and is now giving the girls spontaneous hugs and slobbery kisses too. So sweet!

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Becca said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!! Caleb would LOVE to play with you; your pics and stories prove you have lots of fun! :)