Sunday, August 9, 2009

Edinburgh and Glasgow


Here are my girls in Edinburgh Castle peeking around one of the cannons.

Here is a view from the top of the castle with my big girl. We walked the Royal Mile from the Holyrood Palace to the castle. We also hung out on Grasmarket Street for a bit and enjoyed some music.

This is just a fun jumping picture of Hannie.

And here's Hannah again by a thistle bush in the Princes Street Gardens. I guess Isaac and Genna were in the strollers or strapped to us while we took all these pictures. We did a ton of walking in this city in particular so that we didn't have to drive or park. The Fringe Festival was going on and there were tons of street performers and little plays for free. We went to two kid's plays and that was the highlight of the trip for the girls. Isaac even enjoyed them a bit.

Here's a couple of father-son pictures from the backyard of our apartment.


The Glasgow Cathedral is the only cathedral that survived the Reformation, as I mentioned before. The way it managed this was by conforming to Protestant standards. So there is a statue of John Knox, one of the reformers outside the church. St. Mungo's tomb is in the cathedral as well.

Across the way was St. Mungo's Museum of religious art. We popped in for a look and Genna became art, herself...

Across the street from the museum was the oldest house in Scotland. Here is Genna eating her PB&J while watching the movie about the house.

The garden outside of the house inspired me to get more photos of the kids. Brian took tons of pictures of all the sites, but without my cuties in them I don't get as much enjoyment out of them. If you want a post of just sites and such, please, leave a comment and I will get on it. Otherwise, I will just put the important ones up.

Isaac, of course got his sleeves pretty wet in this fountain. :)

Genna's got her cute Scotland shirt on here. I got each of the kids little souvenirs, and that was Genna's. Isaac got a stuffed crocodile that he is now sleeping with (in addition to his horse), and Hannah got a heart that holds photos for her wall. We are hoping to get that up this week and I will post pictures of it.

Once again, more to follow of Scotland!

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