Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Power of Music

Isaac hasn't really seemed to enjoy me singing to him or picked out a favorite song like the girls did (Genna's our true music lover)until recently. He now seems to favor EIEIO a bit. But I have noticed him calming down with music from a CD or the radio more and more often. One long car ride in a friend's car, he was screaming (forever!) and some soft music came on and he chilled out a bit.

What is making me think of this today? He is getting to that age where he is no longer content to sit quietly in my arms for and hour or more during Mass. I always hold him in the sling so that I can have free arms to deal with the girls. Everyone knows if your arms are full, the kids notice and start trying to get away with things, right? The sling also serves as a sort of leash if I loosen it a bit he can stand next to me on the pew and not go anywhere. Anyway, I digress...I noticed that he would stop fidgeting or "talking" as soon as the music would start up. He would suddenly start to sway to the music. He particularly favored the flutist and her responsorial Psalm (so did Hannah, by the way.) I was thanking God today for the music throughout Mass!

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Becca said...

Caleb is exactly the same way. He has always calmed when listening to music. A great distractor!

And in the past few weeks, I started playing classical music during breakfast...thinking I'd get a little culture into the boy! Oddly, I found a side-benefit. He had recently started dropping food/lifting his plate, BUT breakfast became peaceful as long as I was playing the classical music. I'm hoping it lasts!