Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dates with Daddy

Brian took each of the girls on individual dates today to get ice cream and pick out a little gift from him. Hannah came back with an ear to ear smile and was so very grateful for the gifts. Genna came back happy as a clam from her date as well. He gave them tissue box covers (that I had picked up in Belgium) because they are both obsessed with having tissues beside their beds and these soft dog covers were too cute! They each picked out a necklace and a kind of purse. I got a picture of Hannah when she came back, but I totally forgot when Genna came back to snap a picture of her too. In my defense, I was busy cooking dinner.

While Genna was gone, Hannah and I fixed up her room. She didn’t want the mosquito net anymore so we hung a quilt in these quilt clips that I made when she was a baby. We also hung her new heart shaped photo holder, but we need to get some more pictures to go in it. Here’s her bed.

She no longer needs the rail, but we are keeping it installed just in case. She also moved to a high back booster seat finally (she is tiny, but she is almost 5 years old and just barely under the weight and height limit for car seats)! She is growing up! Sniff sniff…

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