Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Getting ready for our Bobby

In preparing for Bobby, I also am trying to complete some projects that do not relate to him, but are on my to do list.  For example, I'd like to sew on the badges for the big kids' uniforms (AHG and Cub Scouts.)  And here is something that I did while working on Bobby's towel.  I redid Drew's towel so it would fit him.  I love the improvements with the wing tips and "A" on the hood.

 I completed Bobby's stocking and even put his name on it.  I'm happy to have that done so he can have his stocking up during Advent this year, assuming with have our shipment of goods by then in Germany.

 I am making him a scrap crazy quilt.  So far, since I am using up scraps,  I only had to buy the block (plain) fabric and that was only three dollars.  It's coming along well, but this is one thing I really want to have finished by the time that he is born.
This is the top of the quilt for him that is not quite finished.  I am adding a part of a poem from Robert Louis Stevenson and a quote from St. Robert Bellarmine to the big blank blocks and I am going to applique his name on the nay stripe at the bottom of this photo.  Then I have to go to Joanne's and find a backing fabric that I like and finish it up.
I'm over 37 weeks now!  Baby's head is down, and he seems to have dropped.  I guess I really need to get cracking on my to do list.  Judah really put a kink in my production the last two weeks with sucking all my time, sleep, and energy.

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