Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Backing up to Father's Day for a second...

For Father's Day, we went halfway home-made gifts and halfway store bought gifts.  For my father, Papa Boat as he is known by around this house, we sent him a Harry & David's gift set and made him this pillowcase.  The big three did their own drawing of themselves and signed their names.  I drew the little guys and did the family tree on the back.

We made these XL cards for each of the three dads.  Here is Papa Boat's card before we mailed it off.

These are made with the kids' handprints.  I had each child sign (or I signed for them) by his/her handprint.  It was in pencil, so I'll tell you whose is whose:  Hannah is the Hulk.  Genna is Captain America.  Isaac is Spiderman.  Drew is Wolverine.  Judah is the Flash.

For Brian's dad, Poppy, we sent him a Harry & David's gift set and the home-made giant card.  For Brian, big daddy of this house, we made him an XL card and bought him a t-shirt that says, "DAD^6"  He wears his shirt with his DAD to the 6th degree proudly.  I just keep neglecting to get a picture of him in it.  :(

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