Monday, July 13, 2015

39 weeks and 2 days

I had a doctor's appointment today to find out that I am 3cms, like I have been at this point in the last four pregnancies as well.   This always sounds "promising" to the doctors, but no baby boy Smith has ever come willingly into this world and so my water usually still has to be broken to start actual full blown labor.  They stripped my membranes to help get contractions started, but I've been there before too.  I am fully expecting to have this baby a week late when I go in for a non-stress test and find out I am 5 cms and (they won't let me leave the hospital at this point) they break my water.

I seem to be in early labor for about three weeks or more for the last three pregancies.  On Saturday night I started having some really painful contractions every 3-7 minutes, with an occasional 10 minute break.  This lasted from about 9:30pm until 2am, and then they were spreading way out.  I figured they would die out, because the times that I have been in actual labor they do not jump around in the length between them.  They get gradually closer.  This will continue to happen some nights for the next week or two I would imagine.

While I am making predictions, I would like to predict what this baby will look like just for fun.  I think Bobby is going to have a full head of dark hair and have a dimple on his cheek or his chin.  I suspect he might have the darker complexion that Hannah had as a baby too.  It'll be fun to see if I am right.

This is Hannah at just a week old.  She was my tiniest!

 On Sunday, I decided I better get a picture of myself pregnant with this guy since I don't have too many pictures from this pregnancy.  The kids were dressed so cute for Mass that I decided to bite the bullet.

I know I'm big because the phrase "ready to pop" keeps flying out of everyone's mouths and because, well... I am big.

Genevieve has always had this secret way to talk to the babies in my tummies.  She's doing her Morse code on my belly in this picture.

 We got great pictures of just the kids too, but I'll save those for another post.  I love the girls new dresses.  They are from Land's End and supposed to be for our family beach pictures in August.  Hannah hates her dress, but she didn't complain the whole time she wore in on Sunday morning.  What a wonderful and difficult sacrifice for her!

To show just how unconvinced I am that this baby will come soon and without severe coercion, I have not even packed for the hospital or finished setting up my room for his arrival at home.  I just haven't been in the mood and we all know that nesting urge has to come before the baby does.

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