Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bobby Comes Home

Bobby Comes Home sounds like an easy reader book like Dick and Jane.

Bobby got to come home very shortly after his siblings visited and his circumcision on the day after he was born.  We had had a rough night in the hospital with Bobby spitting up mucus all night at regular intervals and being generally unhappy most of the night until he'd finally had enough and got into a good sleep at 5am.  Guess what happens at 5am!  Rounds.  Vital checks.  General hospital interruptions.  So, yes.  I was ready to take my chances withe the Fabulous Five at home.

Did I mention he had his blood sugar taken four times after he was born?  Only the first one was ever so slightly low.  The rest were great.

This guy is super in love with his pacifier.

The Welcome Committee

Judah has some work to do on being gentle, so we are watching him closely.

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