Thursday, July 23, 2015

And Bobby Makes Six

 The next day his siblings arrived to meet him.  I had told them ahead of time they got to hold him in order of birth, oldest to youngest, because they had been "dying" to hold him for the last several weeks of my pregnancy.  Everyone loved him to pieces!

Some loved on him a little more than others.  :)

And some loved on him a little rough. :)  Judah's working on his gentle hugs instead of the squeezy ones everyone else gets from him.
Bobby was taken off to be circumcised.  Then came the presents. We bought gifts for the kids for Bobby to give them in the hospital as is our tradition.  The girls got a book to share and each received a new drawing book.  Isaac got a Star Wars fingerprint drawing book.  Drew got Color Wonder books and a picture book.  Judah got Lego mini-figures of his own and a board book.  Everyone was on cloud nine!  

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