Tuesday, March 22, 2016

8 Months Old

Most days we are just embracing the double crown cowlicks with a mohawk.

Bobby is doing much better with his digestion issues as long as we keep a little prunes in every meal.  He's still just doing breakfast and dinner with solids, and he is nursing 5-6 times/24 hours.  He gags on Cheerios even if I quarter them and on mashed potatoes if I don't water them way down.  Sometimes he'll throw up a little with his gag.  Not fun!

He is still not napping well, but he remains a happy baby until he gets too exhausted at least.  He's sleeping from his dreamfeed at 10:30pm until at least 4:30am, but many times he makes it until 5:45/6am in which case we start the day.  On the days he wakes up between 4:30 and 5:45am I will nurse him for less than 10 minutes and put him back down until 6:30/7am.  It's not ideal, but with all our travels and activities.  I am thinking it is the best we can expect for now.  So many days he has to nap in the van or in the Ergo because of activities the kids have or trips.  So many times we are traveling and he has to sleep in a different bed in close quarters which does not lend itself to sleeping through the night all the way.  Flexibility has to take preference for the time being over sleeping through the night or having a good stable schedule.  I'm still learning on baby #6.  Flexibility is not my strong suit.

He finally learned to roll over from his back to his tummy, but he's using it sparingly.  I have actually not seen him do it.  I've only seen the results when I go to get him out of bed and he is on his tummy.  He still isn't letting me get away with not swaddling him yet, but we are working to make that transition.  The minute I swaddle him up, he relaxes and closes his eyes so we are having a hard time dropping that part of the routine.  One-armed sleep sack, here we come.  We've tried it and failed, but it's going to work one of these days.

He started doing a weird eye lid flutter/blinky thing recently.  It is so strange.  Must be a new discovery for him or something.

My Bobby is saying "Mama" and "Dada" now too.  He's been doing the babbling of those sounds for a while, but he can mostly say them alone as words.  However, I am not convinced he knows what they mean yet.  He says, "Mama" when he is starting to get tired of something and wants to be rescued.  It goes more like, "Mmmmama."

He got his second tooth on the bottom front in about a week before turning eight months old.

Bobby has no particular affinity to any toy or type of toy, but he really likes to have something in his hands almost all the time, even when I'm holding him.  He seems to prefer the big touch and feel books for the moment.  I only have four or so of the big kind so we rotate through those over and over again with slipping in other ones randomly to see if he likes them.  Fun fact:  He does have a thing for analog clocks.  He loves the cuckoo clock, but he will really stare at any analog clock.

And we started putting him in his little tub sitting up now.

Splashing has opened up a whole new world.

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Kristen said...

He is so super cute! I have been amazed at all the travels you guys have accomplished with a little one it tow. Flexibility is not my strong suit either, especially when it comes to an infant, so I am really in awe!;)