Thursday, March 17, 2016

Yes, they have Easter markets too.

And they are just like the Christmas ones, except they replace Christmas crafts and decorations with Easter ones.  Otherwise, it's the same.

Drew and his Buddy in Front of the Easter Crown
We went with friends to this market which made it perfect.

On the Sunday after this market, we came home from church and the weekly grocery run thinking we were settling in until confession later that evening until my husband found a Dampf Nudeln celebration in a village very close to ours.  So out we went to get Dampf Nudeln and Kartoffelsuppe (potato soup) for lunch.  Dampf Nudeln is a big steamed doughy circle (ish) thing that many put vanilla sauce on.  They are sweet and slightly salty too.  The celebration (seemed like a fundraiser to me) was in a "hall," but was super tiny to be described as a "hall."  The room was packed tight with tables and chairs.  Germans don't do food "to go" very often.  Everything is served on/in real dishes, even at festivals.  They just typically charge a nominal fee, called a Pfand, so that you will return the dishes to get that money back.  If you don't return it, they have the money to replace it. So despite the fact that it was packed, we had to squeeze into the back table.  We're wearing babies, carrying bowls of soup and a plate piled with Dampf Nudeln, and squeezing by all these people to get to the back corner where the only three available chairs were located.  If you are not familiar with Germans, it is very common for them to stare at you and not offer to help no matter how dire the need may be.  There are exceptions to this rule, but, in general, that's the way it is.  When I asked a lady if those chairs were free since the ones next to them had coats on them and she told me they were free, I kind of waited for her to scoot her chair up so I could squeeze by.  I quickly realized that I needed to walk all the way around.  The eight of us crammed into the three chairs while the chairs with coats sat empty.  Turns out when that group left, all those coats went with them and opened up space for us.  The couple that came and replaced them once we spread out into having our own chairs was very friendly and kind.  We were still having Judah stand, and the lady offered to share a chair with him.  Exceptions, you see.  Some people are considerate.  The food was cheap and delicious!

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