Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Graduate Already???!!!

Today was a very good day.  Sunshine and a small cup of coffee (to a mostly uncaffeinated mom) certainly had their part.  Around here, if the sun comes out, everything seems brighter and more manageable since it is usually cloudy. And when I say cloudy, I mean fully cloudy, completely overcast, not puffy white things floating about.  The puffy white things float about when it is sunny.

I don't know what the hands are for.  He's a silly boy.
I digress.  Today I had a meeting with Drew's speech therapy teacher and evaluators.  This marks one year from when he began speech therapy.  He has made tremendous improvements with the help of some great teachers, games, and a mirror.  The mirror was very instrumental in his initial progress in being able to change his mouth to form the sounds /k/ and /j/ and /g/ in isolation.  One year ago he could not make those sounds AT ALL, no matter what I did.  Today, he can say them all in spontaneous speech and self corrects when he makes a mistake.  PLUS, he has learned /sh/, /ch/, /th/ and made improvements in his /r/ and /l/ sounds.  Long story short.  This guy is out of speech therapy!  Done.  Graduated.  Hurrah!  I get two of my mornings a week back now that we were driving 20 minutes to the school, waiting 45 minutes for him to have his class, and then driving back 20 minutes home.  He loves speech and will miss it, but I will not.

On top of all that, the evaluator told me that he was one of the most well behaved children she's ever worked with.  To which I replied after picking my jaw up off the ground, "That is shocking to me."  He's my most strong-willed and difficult child.  She then goes on to tell me he has an excellent attention span and that he is very intelligent.  AND that he "would almost be worth the felony charge of kidnapping." I guess he saves the best for me, huh?  That is just so wonderful and really made my day.  I am so very proud of my little curly-headed boy today.  Honestly, most days I am very worried about him.  It was a pleasant change.

The only thing that could have made this day any better is if I had been blessed with seven straight hours of sleep last night.  But you can't have everything, right?

After the meeting we went to story time at the library for Drew and Judah's first time ever.  I used to take the girls and Isaac all the time when they were young.  With Drew's therapy twice a week, I really couldn't afford anymore time away from schooling the big kids for story times.  But now we can!

Drew and Judah are coloring dragons after a dragon themed story time.

You can barely tell their pictures apart.  Judah's a very good colorer for a two year old boy.

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