Monday, March 21, 2016

Isaac's First Reconciliation

Isaac had his First Reconciliation on Paml Sunday!  His godfather was here and got to hear his confession.  Isaac got to pick out a tub of ice cream to share with the family afterwards.  He was nervous, but he said he felt so much better afterwards.  We are so happy for him and proud of him.  Next up, First Communion in Italy!  It is still in the works, but we are trying to set it up in Florence at San Miniato.  Hopefully, that works out.  It would be so perfect since seven and a half years ago, our favorite monk called us on the phone saying he had been praying for us and the upcoming birth of our son, Isaac.  Turns out we were at the hospital still in the delivery room holding our newborn baby boy when he called.  He's now an abbot at San Miniato.

They don't have palms here, just these holly branches or something.

Isaac and his godfather 

And just because we were dressed up and he's a cutie of Bobby and me.

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