Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Beilstein, Germany: A Black Madonna

I said "A" Black Madonna and not "The" Black Madonna because there are several (several is actually a gross understatement as there are 18 in Germany alone.)  In Beilstein, inside the Carmelite Church of St. Joseph is this 12th or 13th century statue.  It was left behind by the Spaniards at the end of the Thirty Years War.

The church was really beautiful.  I particularly liked the ceilings.

The kids lit candles and, you know, almost caught their hair on fire.

Love love love these old confessionals!

A small chapel, but so nicely done.

This is the church from up at the castle.
We walked up to the castle, and I, personally, was disappointed.  Probably because we had to pay to go up into the castle.  The view was breathtaking, of course, but the only thing really to see as far as the castle was concerned was up very steep steps in the tower.  I couldn't go because Bobby was on me and I'm not a fan of heights.  I was high enough, thank you very much.

Our lovely dinner companions

After the castle (more pictures below), we went to an early dinner at a restaurant in this old, very awesome town on the Mosel River.  I had my first Spargel (a special white asparagus grown here in Germany) soup in years.  It was a maz ing.

That breathtaking view I was talking about
There was a restaurant and sandbox in the castle which served to entertain those little people who couldn't go up the tower steps.

The Mosel River

And more pictures of my cuties...

Always such a trooper in his hiking backpack

Always the clown

Two breathtaking views :)

I couldn't resist this background for a photo of my sweetheart.

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