Thursday, April 21, 2016

ThingamaBOB: 9 month old!

Guess who surprised me...

He's scooting!

Remember this is the kid that learned to roll only a month ago.  That's the last thing I expected, but it's still slow going so no major baby proofing just yet.  He can scoot on his bottom or on his tummy on the hard floors by pulling himself forward with his hands.  He can scoot a little on the rugs as well, but it is much much slower.  So at least we have somewhere we can leave him and know he won't get very far.  He is just starting rocking on his hands and knees, but usually one leg is folded under when he does this.  He's also able to stand holding onto something, but he can not pull up to standing yet.

My Bobby got another tooth, his third one, the top right one poked through on his 9 month birthday.  Let the teeth grinding begin.

He's babbling a lot of sounds, now adding "nanana" and "bababa."  We are working on a couple of signs, clapping, and waving, but no progress on that front yet.

Two front bottom teeth


Bobby is a good eater as long as the food is thin and smooth with no bumps, chunks, or anything.  If we give him anything thicker, bumpier, or whatever, he gags and throws up.  Not spit up, but actual forceful vomiting.  This is super frustrating because I like to make my own baby food and I don't usually strain it.  So I've been buying it.  German baby food is almost exclusively potato based.   Potatoes almost always end in disaster.  They are hard to thin out enough for him.  Sometimes you'll think everything is going great, and then he gags on the last bite and up comes the whole dinner.  All the things I normally feed my babies mashed up, like hummus, bananas, potatoes, and avocados, are too thick for him unless I blend it up with a lot of water.

He does like the mesh feeder where I can put fruits and veggies so that he can chew on them and get the juice out.  I am still giving him 4-6 bites of baby prunes at each meal to keep his constipation at bay.  It seems to be working well.

Bedtimes and Naptimes

Naptimes are at 9:15/45am and 1:30/2pm.  He dropped the third nap for the most part this month.  I do still give it to him if he's having a rough day with super short naps.  The length of his naps is what is so bad.  He'll go to sleep when I put him down, but many times he only sleeps for 25-45 minutes.  That did not bother me much when he was younger because he was just so happy and easy going when he was awake, but this month has brought on the "Cling-onto Mommy" phase which has been harder for me.  He is suddenly not enjoying his exersaucer anymore, or his swing.  If he'll go in one of them, it is only until he hears my voice or sees me walk by.  He does eventually get too exhausted and sleep for longer, but usually after many days of me wondering how he can hold out so long for a decent nap.  Rarely, does he ever take two naps in one day longer than 45 minutes.  Genevieve was a bad napper too.  During her babyhood and Bobby's we have had the most inconsistent schedule.  I think that's the common link, but who knows really?

Bedtime is going great now.  He is finally sleeping on his tummy all the time.  His bedtime is at 7:45/8pm.  I am trying to move that up to 7:30pm, but it seems just when I get close to that we are out late and I have to start over moving it gradually up.  I am still doing the dreamfeed at 10:15/10:30pm.  He sleeps until 6/6:30am most days, but has had a few bouts of early wakings in the 5am hour.

He still likes the touch and feel big books the best.  As soon as I start to sing the Hail Mary, he starts closing his eyes and rubbing/grabbing his ear.  He sleeps in a sleepsack which he seems to like.

Blows lots of raspberries!
I love those dimples!

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