Sunday, April 17, 2016

Guess who's going to kindergarten!!!!

 Oh yeah, baby!  We found him a spot.  We should really give all the credit to God for putting that idea in Brian's head to just stop by this one kindergarten one last time to see if they'd put him on the waiting list at the neighboring village kindergarten.  This was after Brian and Drew drove around to something like eight other kindergartens and were rejected at all of them.

A student had just left, and they said he can start in May!  Praise God!  This is really a huge blessing for me and the whole family. Poor Drew is bored to tears most days.  He's even asking to do schoolwork and has made huge progress in learning to read all because he is bored and tells me I can pick anything for him to do.  I am hoping and praying he adjusts quickly and with minimal stress despite the language barrier.  It will really help us get our schoolwork done at home too without the distraction for Isaac and the fighting with the two year old over all things stupid.  And Judah may be able to join him soon.

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