Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Boys' Rooms: A Little Tour

Isaac and Drew share a room.  They had bunk beds before and it just so happened that their room here has an insanely high ceiling on one side of the room.  It was without a doubt the best place in the house for bunk beds so we kept them as bunk beds.  

This picture couldn't even capture the ceiling to give you an idea how tall the ceiling really is.  Brian says that it's so high that we could put a basketball goal in there.

On the other side of the room, the ceiling slants down really low.

Here's the opposite wall to the first picture.  The bookshelf on the right of the picture is a built in.  We could always use another bookshelf. 
And then you have the secret door to Judah's room.

Secret door and built in bookshelves.

Secret door opened

Judah's room has an extremely slanted ceiling and an adult can only stand upright on one side of the room.  But a two year old can stand in most of it.  The ceiling does go all the way to the ground on one side.  It works out great for him.  It's the best room in the house for napping since it is so quiet there and dark.

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