Friday, April 8, 2016

My New Nephew's Coming Soon

It all started with a quilt.  Then it became a onesie and a couple burp cloths to send ahead for the shower.  Then I read a quote that just had to go on another onesie in C.S. Lewis' Silver Chair.  Then I had left over fabric and needed to make just a couple more burp cloths.  And so it goes with my projects.

This is the first onesie.

Here's the back of the Snoopy onesie.  I am loving the art of hand lettering these days.  I have horrible handwriting, so this shocked my mom that I didn't trace this.  When I change my point of view to see lettering as an art form as opposed to writing, suddenly I could make things come out much better.

This is the front of the onesie inspired by the quote from The Silver Chair and a photograph of their dog named Snowflake.  I drew the dog and then traced it onto the onesie with fabric markers.
Here is the backside with the quote.  How insanely appropriate is this quote?!!!  This is their first baby, and said baby will be dethroning the dog very soon.  
The quilt was inspired by a monster quilt I saw on the internet and this sock monkey fabric.  I designed it and hand drew the sock monkeys.  Then I traced the pieces and made templates to cut out fabric to applique on.  I initially planned to machine applique, but since we have had some long drives I decided to hand applique.  Can't use that sewing machine in the car, you know!

I had a little snag in my sewing of the strips and melted my thread and fabric when using my German iron.  I had to rip out a bunch and start over.  Lesson learned.

This was my first time top stitching with wavy lines.  After watching a few Youtube vidoes, I decided to brave it.  It turned out pretty well considering I don't have a walking foot.  I also watched some videos on hiding your tails and learned something else new there.  I actually really enjoyed "hiding my tails."  Sometimes at the end of a quilt I just want to get it done, but hiding the tails was enjoyable enough that I didn't mind the extra evening spent on it.  

Because I couldn't resist using my left over fabric for a couple more burp cloths...
I hope my new nephew gives these gifts lots of love and snuggles.  I'm so far away, I wanted him to have something he could snuggle with from me.

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