Monday, April 4, 2016

Local Hang Out

This past weekend we were not sightseeing or travelling.  We were feeling out the local scene a little more.  The Volksmarch and the village church that I just posted about were all local things to get us in the German community, meeting people, learning about other events and activities, and practicing our German.

Sunday evening we then walked down our big hill and then back up the hill across from us (the one that I can see from my kitchen window,) past the horses (AKA Jack and Jill to our family,) to a local hang out that only opens on Sundays.  Brian found that out by meeting some of our neighbors.  He'd seen it a bunch of times, but it's never been open.

Here we are mid-walk with Jack and Jill.  As we walked up they came galloping over to us.  We fed them some grass and they wondered off again.  Apparently, that's an electric fence that zapped Genna last time they walked that way without me.  Germans rarely have safety signs anywhere.

Up on the hill is a hut that serves food with mostly outdoor seating and a playground.  Boy was this a find, because it was cheap.  Our whole family all got bratwurst and bread or sauerkraut and a couple drinks for fifteen Euro.  A regular restaurant would be at least four times that for our family without Bobby and Judah getting meals.  Judah got his own meal which we don't usually do.

On top of all that, we met all kinds of neighbors.  I really have to give Brian all the credit here.  I'm very introverted and don't meet people as easily even when they speak my language.  Put me in a foreign country with a foreign language, and I flounder a bit.  However, Brian just jumps right in there.  He learned about a youth hiking club in the village that starts up this week.  They are going hiking and painting bird houses.  It is for kids up to 12 years old.  We are very excited about this opportunity to meet kids here in the village and get our kids speaking more German.

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