Friday, April 15, 2016

Our First Culinary Hike

This was our first Kulinarische Wonderung, AKA culinary hike.  We drove an hour to get to it.  You basically walk on a prepared hike, wondering from tent to tent eating food and drinking wine.  It sounded super exciting to me.  I love food after all.  However, it was so very uphill.  We had a great time, but, oh, we were sore by the time this weekend of walking was over.  I got the added pleasure of carrying around 20 extra pounds of cuteness.  Who needs weights when you could have one of these cuties to carry around.

As usual, Bobby was an excellent travel companion.  Drew asked if we were almost done when we hadn't even reached the first tent yet.  When he was shown the hill we were about to climb, he asked if we could carry him.  Ha!  After he was turned down by both daddy and mommy, he didn't complain or ask again the rest of the time.  He is really doing great with all this walking.

Judah took the stroller and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The big kids had a good time and walked like champs.  They got to get a card to have stamped along the way and then received a prize at the end when they turned in the cards.  It was candy and a bouncy ball for the young hikers.

Vineyards surrounded us all along the way.

There was a bouncy castle at one stop.

There was a castle at one of the stops with a food tent set up right in the walls.

We've got another one of these culinary hikes coming up soon in a village extraordinarily close to our house.

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