Saturday, April 16, 2016

D.E.A.R.: Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

I found out about Beverly Cleary's birthday and celebrating it by Dropping Everything and Reading on the Read Aloud Revival Podcast.  Here is the link to Sarah MacKenzie's post about it.

When I mentioned this idea to the kids they jumped at the chance to read instead of do schoolwork.  I was getting questions like, "So can we read all day and not do any schoolwork at all?"  

"Do we even have to come out of our rooms?"  

"Can't we skip piano lessons and read instead?"

"Do we have to stop reading to eat?"

I agreed to let them only do piano lessons and the subjects they were behind in (due to the great big move,) and then they could read as much as they could with the caveat that they still had to eat meals.  And that's what they did.  I barely saw the girls the rest of the day.  I read some of Henry Huggins (by Beverly Cleary!) to the little boys in the afternoon since all their buddies were still being recluses in their rooms with books.  I think Hannah read 3.5 books that day.  

Drew even participated.  He is doing the How to Teach your Kids to Read in 100 Easy Lessons book that has worked for three kids before him.  He's doing really so much better than I expected.

Here I am reading Henry Huggins to the little ones.

Notice the cup on the head.

They are a wiggly bunch!

Genna's Happy Place

Hannah's Happy Place
Isaac likes to read his history book out loud to his brothers lately.  Drew is always bored these days and will listen to anything Isaac will read to him.  Judah is just a little shadow and will go along with whatever the big boys want to do.

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