Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Recent Goings On (when we aren't traveling or hiking!)

Isaac started up baseball practice again with one sunny nice practice, one rained out practice and another rained out game, and a practice that was sunny at the beginning and started raining, snowing, and sleeting in the middle but they kept on going.  All the other fields cleared and they kept on going.  The three little boys and I had a picnic dinner in the back of the van since the back row seats are currently out.  Isaac was not dressed for the sudden switch in weather.  He toughed it out on the field, but 3 yards from the van broke down in tears because his hands hurt so badly and he was soaking wet and freezing.  Poor guy!  I guess I should have pulled him out early.  He is only seven, this isn't the minors or anything.  

Picnic dinner during the nice, sunny practice

Drew adores Isaac, and Judah adores Drew and Isaac.  He gets lots of love.
 Bobby had his first fever (not counting from shots) this week. He went to bed and felt ever so slightly warm after throwing up his green beans.  He throws up when he gags and the only thing that caught my attention there was that the food was a stage 2 baby food that he usually tolerates quite easily.  Brian was feeding him dinner though and he has a tendency to do bigger and faster bites than I do.  I was suspicious, but not sure.  Sure enough he was red faced and hot when he woke up at 2:30am.  I never quite got him back to sleep in his bed that night for more than just 30 minutes.  So I ended up giving up and laying on the big bed with him and he fell asleep on me.  However, I couldn't sleep because if I moved to get comfortable he woke up and he had to start all over again.  Luckily, after a hard night and a hard day, he was much better the next night and woke up fever free the next morning.

Bobby fell asleep in my room on the bed with me after waking early from his afternoon nap.  The afternoon nap is really my only chance of getting a nap if I need one, so when he woke up as soon as I got everyone settled and laid down I consoled myself with cuddling with him while watching an episode of  Call the Midwife.  

Isaac's First Communion is going to be in Florence after all.  Details and time is scheduled.  Both his godfather and our friend, the Abbot of San Mineato, will be there.  We are so excited!  His banner is complete and we are going to go to confession again this week in final preparation.  He is reading the Blessed Imelda book this week too.

Drew asked us the other day. "If the world is round, why don't we ever feel like we are upside down?"  He has always been a question asker, but his questions had been much more scientific in nature lately.  He is also choosing a lot of nonfiction picture books for bedtime stories, like books on the ocean, geology, and constellations.  I love science, so I'm happy about that.

Went to a Mexican food place because I needed some even if it wasn't going to be exactly authentic.  It was pretty good considering how far we are from Mexico, and it was better than New York's version of Mexican food.
Judah is much better this week than last week when he lived in our timeout room.  Our favorite thing about Judah right now is when he says, "Gelbe Sak."  His lips stick out and it sounds adorable.  The Gelbe Sak is the German word for the yellow sack for recycled plastics and aluminum.

I have been taking the boys to story time every week.  If any kid interjects a comment about the book, Judah seconds the motion.  If when reading about bees, somebody says, "Oh, I don't like bees!"  Judah shouts out, "Me neither!  I don't like bees!"  It's quite cute to me, but I am not so sure the librarian finds it as cute as I do.  Drew only shouts out contrary comments like when the librarian asks if they want to sing the song again he says, "No!"  I am certain the librarian doesn't think that is cute.  I secretly find it humorous, but I tell him to keep his comments to himself.

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