Saturday, April 2, 2016

My First Volksmarch

 I went on my first Volksmarch today in Rodenbach.  Brian has been taking the oldest four on them without me and the babies.  This one was close and the weather is finally getting more tolerable so I braved it.  On the way there Judah threw up all over himself.  I am pretty sure it was the dairy we were trying out on him that morning.  He had a German donut with a chocolate glaze.  I knew the chocolate glaze probably had some dairy that wasn't "baked in" enough for him, but I thought we'd try it just to see what happened.  Now we know.

We decided to put him in the stroller just in case he threw up again.  He was a prefect little angel in his stroller and so very quiet.  He usually is a chatty one, but not in the stroller.

It was a 6K walk and took us about an hour.

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