Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Little Rain Forrest Adventure

I actually remembered to take pictures during this trip, in part because it is easier to grab my phone than my camera.  We had a gift card to the Rain Forrest Cafe and so this was a must do on our list since there aren't any close to our home.  The kids all loved it, of course.  My mom went with us and we made a day out of it.  Well, it seems like a day even though we left at 11am and got back at 3pm.  

Judah loved the fish, but was freaked out by the talking tree.
The gift shop was a big hit, especially since Mimi was there.  I got Judah his birthday present, Ollie the Okapi, a Build-a-Bear.

I made everyone put on the frog hat and get their picture taken just for fun, in between tigers roaring and the thunderstorms that happened at regular intervals.  Some were more willing than others...

Judah wanted to put it on himself which means he holds it all the way behind his head and smiles, so I held it for the photo.

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