Friday, September 19, 2014

Judah's One!

This is a messed up one year post since I am posting it when he is nearly thirteen months, but you do what you got to do.  :)

He was not eating very well around his birthday since being sick twice in the past month (three times this summer).  He only weighed 21 lbs and 9 oz making him my smallest boy by far.  He can even fit into pants that he couldn't fit into at the beginning of the summer before he got pneumonia.  He grew longer and stayed around the same weight so his fatso tummy is not quite so fat anymore.  Again I forgot to pay attention to his height at his one year check up.  Speaking of his check up, he wasn't able to get his immunizations since the pediatric "shot lady" was out for the day.  So we have to go back in October for that.  And I finally got to discuss his dairy allergy with his doctor.  She said it sounds like he has an allergy to casein in milk.  Turns out the reason he can't seem to shake this rash around his mouth is that casein is in things you wouldn't expect, like some sausages and soup bases.  I love soup bases and often cook his veggies in it.

I took him to the allergy doc when we got back in town because he was getting this perpetual rash around his mouth and I was trying to be careful not to feed him dairy.  However, I stink at this so far and wasn't looking closely enough at every single label.  I was making assumptions and picking up things without double checking the labels.  On top of that, I grabbed a yogurt baby food pouch when running out to meet some friends instead of one of the dairy free ones my sister had gotten for him.  When I was feeding it to him (still unaware that yogurt was a main ingredient) he started screaming and trying to grab it from me and throw it.  Really made a spectacle of himself until I put it away and got him up and walked around with him a bit to calm him down.  I double checked the label after I had time to think about the situation and how out of character that was for him.  I felt really bad!  Anyway, at this appointment he weighed more, 23 lbs and 2 oz (gaining some of that weight back) and was 29 1/2 inches long.  They did a scratch test and it was positive, but not super severe.  That possibly means that he will grow out of it, in fact, that is very likely.  He had his blood drawn as well, and he was amazingly well behaved and brave for that.  He just sat there and watched the nurse and the blood going through the tube until she lost the vein and had to poke around.  We ended up with another nurse finding another vein in his other arm.  For that, he was not as calm, but still wasn't too bad.  I was sent home with epi pens just in case, but I am hopeful that his allergy to milk will not get worse and I won't need to use them.  However, it kind of scared me enough to really start being obsessive about label reading.  He hasn't had a hint of a rash since, so I am getting much better.  The doctor told me his growth curve leveled off quite a bit, and I need to work on increasing his fat in his diet.  They want me to try soy milk with a scoop of toddler soy formula to give extra fat or just straight toddler soy formula..  So far the formula was rejected, but the soy milk is accepted most days.  We are going to try to sneak it in gradually.  I am still nursing him three times a day.  I am trying to get him to take more soy milk before I start dropping more nursings and wean him.  I'm adding black olives, increasing the avocados, and adding Italian dressing to his veggies and pasta to help with the fat.  For breakfast, I am trying to do mashed banana on toast or deviled eggs.  He loves peanut butter sandwiches cut up into bite sized pieces, chicken noodle soup, or pasta for lunch.

Words as of now (almost 13 months old):
Dada and Daddy
All Done
Night night
Bubba (what we call pacifiers)
Yeah (when asked if he wants more of something)
Uh oh
He is messy as the day is long when he eats...especially avocados!

Still only has 6 teeth.

Benjamin Judah has many names.  Judah, Ben, Benjamin, and Benny.  He also has a slew of nicknames.

Baby Cakes
Crabby Snacks and Homemades (from the Silver Linings Playbook if you've read it)
Judah Budda
Benny and the Jets
Buddy Boo (by Drew only)

He needs a hair cut.  We've been giving him a mohawk a lot lately.

Caught this adorable napper on camera.  Since we got to Texas (with a one hour time change) he has been waking up crazy early for him, anywhere from 4:45-5:45am.  I think he slept until 6am once during the whole trip there.  Things in that arena haven't improved too much since returning home, but he is making it until at least 5:30am now.

We drove to my sister's house in San Antonio.  This was on a lunch and potty break after he nursed and got a diaper change.  He was a champ in the car!

I frequently give Judah a bath in the sink after dinner.  Drew insisted on joining him

Other feats:
He's only clapped a couple of times, and not very enthusiastically.  He's more of a dancer and wave his hands around kind of guy.  He will wave, dance, stick out his tongue when asked, shake his head no, bounce when you say to jump, give high fives, and (most of the time) hand you something too little that he picks up if you tell him to.  He gives kisses making the "Umm mah" kissy sound.  He also hugs by leaning into you.  He has been randomly hugging pictures in books, like an animal or a baby.  It's really sweet.   He has taken a single step on two different occasions all on his own without anyone even trying to get him to walk, but that's it.  He stands and squats all the time.  He seems ready physically, but not mentally.

He's well loved, that's for sure!

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