Friday, September 26, 2014

Drew's First Soccer Practice and his Third Birthday

Drew had his very first soccer practice on The Friday after we got back.  He got to wear his Superman shirt and socks that Uncle David got him.  He looked like a real soccer player, not like the three year old that kept picking up the ball with his hands when his feet couldn't quite make it do what he wanted.  Out of bounds is also a concept he did not get.

Drew had a pretty cute fan watching him play in his Spider man baby legs.

He was pretty proud of himself, huh?  He got a soccer stamp at the end.
The next day was his actual birthday.   He turned 3, and we let him open most presents first thing in the morning before the other kids left for German school.   He got an Avengers camping chair, Batman sheets for his new big boy bed, a Wolverine mask, and a Captain America book.  I saved one gift for later because I ended up exchanging it really quick.   He found these superhero mash ups at Target that he went nuts over.  So I took back the transformer to get one of those.  It was a big hit!
After his birthday shower, he got to have his birthday dessert with me on the kitchen counter.  He helped me make Ritz crackers with melted Rolos in the middle.

We spent the evening and dinner in the culd-de-sac with friends.   Then he helped me make the Ritz cracker dessert.   His real birthday dinner out was the next night so we could capitalize on the free kids meals on Sunday again.  We met some friends we hadn't seen in over a month.

I love this boy!   He is full of cuteness and personality! 

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