Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Alamo: Minus the littles!

We finished the school year with the Alamo and so we had to make time for the big kids to see the Alamo.  My mom stayed with the little guys, ages 1, 2,and 3, remember because she had my nephew too.  My dad came with us and totally got the better deal!

I wanted to take them to see the Alamo at the iMax too since that's what I remember about my trip to the Alamo as a kid.  We bought our tickets and got in our seats before it hit me.  This is a really violent and sad movie!  A little too late for that revelation, wouldn't you think?  I leaned over to the kids and said, "You guys are okay with a lot of killing and dying in this movie, right?  And it's okay if everyone in this movie dies, right?  Yeah, well, close your eyes if it's too much for you."  I am sure it is the most violent thing they have ever seen.  Hannah had to close her eyes twice she said.  Isaac asked if we could get this on DVD.  Genna didn't cry, and she had thought she might when she found out what it entailed.  So, I'd say it was a success.  It was a good review, that's for sure! 

My dad bought them sno-cones after the tour of the Alamo.  Hannah's favorite part of the Alamo was seeing Davy Crocket's wallet.  Everyone liked checking the names of people who died at the Alamo.  There were five Isaacs.

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