Thursday, September 18, 2014

Triple Birthday Bash

Just a few days after we got to Texas, my parents and I hosted a triple birthday party for all three of my boys, superhero style.  We invited a few friends and a ton of family.  I bought all the food from Costco except for the cakes.  That's my favorite part, and since I had to make three I knew that I'd be busy enough with that.

Isaac turned six and chose a Zorro cake.  Brian found some old Zorro episodes that he had watched a while back.
Isaac requested a vanilla cake and Drew a chocolate cake, but, of course, I got them backwards because you know.

Drew turned three and wanted a Batman AND Robin cake.  I found one like this online and copied it using candy paper and sprinkles.

I just had to veer off the superhero theme, because I couldn't resist the "Lion of Judah."  Judah had to have a zucchini cake because my cake recipes all have dairy in them.  

I was so excited to visit with family that I hadn't seen in so long that I didn't get many pictures, and then my camera died during the whole cake scene.  It was a wonderful party and the cousins all played so well together.  I did take a couple of pictures of Judah eating his first bite of cake though.

He ate every last bit, Cheerios and all.

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