Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sea World

And what vacation to San Antonio, Texas would be complete without a trip to Sea World?  My sister, brother, and their families went with my parents, all of my children and me to Sea World, and it was a great day.  I have always loved Sea World.  I love the dolphins and whales.  I wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was a young animal lover.  These creatures still bring tears to my eyes.

Waiting for the dolphin pool to open first thing in the morning.

Genna wanted to jump in and swim with the dolpihns so badly.

My sister's family

This is where Genna turns to me and says, "I want to be a dolphin trainer when I grow up!"  I was waiting for it.  I could see it in her eyes.

Isaac, Drew and my sister went on this ride.  It was a loop with a couple of small hills.  Isaac was so excited to go on a "roller coaster" and was very proud of how he put his hands up the whole time.  It was cute.  That guy needs some confidence, so it was good for him.
I didn't get to ride any rides because I had Judah, but I'm not much of a ride person so that's okay.  My favorite parts are the shows.  We didn't get to go see the sea lion shows which was disappointing, but thanks to my planning (which I was a little teased for by a certain brother-in-law) we hit everything else on the list.  We split up into two groups in the afternoon so the little kids could go to the Sesame area and the big kids could go on a couple of the bigger rides.

This was Dylan and Drew watching Elmo.

This one was hot.  I kept putting handfuls of water on his head during the day to keep him cool.

Most of us

What a trooper this guy was!  He stayed in the Ergo nearly the entire day, only coming out to eat in the high chair or to ride in the stroller for a very brief time.  Mostly Drew was in the stroller.

We sat in the splash zone for every show, but never quite got splashed.  We were so hot!

The Azul show is by far the best one!

We ended the day with a Shamu show.
I lost two of my kids during the course of the day for about 3 minutes each time.  The question is can you guess which ones I lost?

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