Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another German Kindergarten Christmas Performance

On St. Nicholas Day, I thought I had been invited to a parent meeting at the Kindergarten, but in reality it was an Advent performance and tea.  The kids first came in and sang a few songs for the moms and dads.  Then they sat on the mats to watch a puppet show about St. Nicholas.  After that we had cake, coffee, and tea together.  The children were also given huge chocolate Santas.  I was going to make the boys save them for later since there were plates full of cakes and cookies all over the tables.  In fact, I had already told them so.  However, I looked around as every other child was devouring their Santa before diving into the cakes and cookies, and I caved before my boys could even ask me twice.  

Well, then what do you think happened?  Sugar rush for the whole Kindergarten at the same time.  All the German kids get up and start running and screaming in circles around the tables.  Drew is sitting there with me looking at them like they are all nuts when we realize Judah has gotten up to run behind them yelling German things that the other kids are yelling.  I sit there trying to decide if I should stop him.  I mean none of the other parents seem to think anything of a bunch of out of control kids all hyped up on too much sugar, but I normally don't let my children act like that inside a building.  I figured there wouldn't be much hope in trying to stop Judah since every other kid was doing it, so I just kept tabs on him and made sure it didn't get too out of hand.  At one point I thought they were done when they decide to do a pile up.  I was certain this would bring injury to some small German child and the moms would finally put an end to the madness, but amazingly enough the children on the very bottom of the pile came up laughing.  So, I thought it was time to go at that point.

You may be wondering, if you know Drew and Judah personally, why Drew never joined in and Judah was all over it.  I mean Drew is the wild and crazy one of the two, but the fact is that Drew is a leader and Judah is a follower.  Just like Hannah's a leader and Genna's a follower.  It's a very similar dynamic.  Judah is learning German faster because he dives right in and just copies what they say.  Drew doesn't want to make a mistake and wouldn't think of just copying someone just to be a part of the crowd.

This is his crazy camera smile now.  I wish he'd figured out how to smile normally for the camera.

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